The JVology Roadmap Replay

  The JVology Roadmap Live Stream is now available as a Replay that you can watch on your schedule. When you have time, click the bottom below to start.  

The entire Livestream Workshop is SUPER VALUABLE but feel free to use the index below to jump to the parts that you require the MOST support with and BE SURE to check out the OUTSTANDING INVITATION to receive $3500 of training and support FREE!

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Check Below For Timestamps of what is in the replay

0:00 Intro & Welcome 8:00 JV, The Message – Find one JV partner at a time instead of one client at a time 8:35 What is a Joint Venture – Win – Win – Win 12:27 Examples of JV Partners – Leverage by thinking differently 14:45 Why JV – Partnerships for Growth 16:40 Jay’s Teaching #1 – The Entrepreneurs “Marginal Success Trap” 29:58 5 Questions to Know Your Place – Where are you in the process? 38:20 JV Mindset – Getting ready to give and grow 51:30 The Invitation – Sign Up for JVology Live event and pre-event support 59:20 The JV Game – “I’ll go first” 57:00 Going VIP – The value of a VIP live event ticket 1:02:12 Guest interview #1: Stuart Gethner, Gethner Education, Coaching, & Consulting 1:13:40 Stuart’s Big Idea – A brick and mortar approach to JV’s 1:24:00 Why Attend JV Live – What’s it worth to connect and grow? 1:25:42 Video – Testimonials, Walk away with knowledge and partners 1:29:10 Video – Hanging with the right crowd 1:29:53 Q&A – With Live Stream Guests 1:42:08 Guest Interview #2 – Jane M. Powers, LetsTalkImpact.com 1:57:29 Jane’s Event – Speak with Confidence and Sell with Authority 2:01:55 Video – Testimonials, Attend and get so much more than you think 2:05:46 Jay’s Teaching #2 – JV Top 10 List 2:20:20 Q&A – With Live Stream Guests 2:23:22 Guest Interview #3 – Linda Cain, Events By Blu Diamond 2:41:10 The Invitation – Sign Up for JVology Live event and pre-event support 2:48:35 Video – Testimonials, Access to community and support 3:02:15 Thanks for joining us!  

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